Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Hi! I’m back with you all, my dear friends, after a long month of Sundays, from Car Nicobar. In fact, it’s been a mighty wide-ranging state of affairs at the Child Led Disaster Risk Reduction (CLDRR) project that I’ve been coordinating for over past 8 months, now at one of the toughest territories to work in the entire Indian sub-continent. Anyways, the rigorously comprehensive project continues towards materializing the sustainability ambitions in the Disaster Risk Reduction endeavors for the far-reaching welfare of the Nicobarese tribal community.

For now, my dear friends, here’s presenting you all with some fascinating pictures that satiate the nature-lovers’ cravings and also the curiosity of the aware citizens of the world…

Enjoy these latest pictures of Car Nicobar…

The lighthouse near Mus Jetty, Car Nicobar behind the breakwater amongst the aesthetically lined up coconut trees

The dense coconut plantations on both sides of the main road that has been rebuilt after Tsunami, stretching from the Mus Jetty to the Headquarter area, the administrative hub of Car Nicobar at Perka village

The cute cove alongside the Mus Jetty sculpted by the Tsunami, whose brunt is still evidently noticeable on the landmass

A cargo vessel & M V Sentinel, one of the oldest passenger ships run on the inter-island routes by the Andaman & Nicobar Administration, berthed at the Mus Jetty, Car Nicobar