Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watch the Spectacular Andaman Islands


Andaman paaranga alagha”

(Watch the spectacular Andamans)

Hi, friends!

I’ve been head over heels into business hectically throughout the whole last fortnight or so and hence, haven’t been able to be with you all the way I would have loved to. Anyways, since, I’m leaving for the Car Nicobar Island again early morning tomorrow for the Child Led Disaster Risk Reduction project (CLDRR) for another 10 days or so, I’m in reminiscence of a pretty sonorous film song in “Tamil”, the regional language of Tamilnadu, a major state in South India, which goes like – “Andaman paaranga alagh…”, meaning – “Watch the spectacular Andamans…”.

Hence, here I leave you all, until I return from Car Nicobar about 10 days later, with some spectacular pictures of my home – the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Enjoy and let me know of your comments too… See you… Ciao…

Sea shore at Car Nicobar

The two sided spic & span beach connecting Ross & Smith Islands at North Andaman

Islands basking in nature’s color

Freely roaming deer at Ross Island, the erstwhile British capital of the Islands

The seasoned Sun, setting in Andaman

The “worth-falling-in-love” beach at the Smith Islands (N/Andaman)


  1. Oh...Ya...!!//? That's good!!! Plz do come again, and do inform me when you do so, so that I can help you tour the Islands optimally. Cheers, Mrs. Stevenson!