Saturday, August 15, 2009



Happy 62nd Independence Day!!!

On this supremely auspicious & momentous day in every Indian’s life, I feel utterly proud to share with you one of the rarest pictures in the history of Indian Independence.

Following, my dear friends, is the historic picture showing none other than Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the supreme Commander of the “Aazad Hind Fauz” i.e. the Indian National Army (INA) hoisting the then form of the now Indian Tricolor Flag at the Gymkhana ground (the present day Netaji Stadium) at Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands on the 30th, December, 1943.

It’s at this Gymkhana ground at Port Blair after hoisting the Tricolor for the very first time that Netaji declared the Islands the first Indian Territory to be freed from the shackles of British Imperialism, thus heralding the complete Indian Independence. 

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  1. Bahut Barhia... isi tarah likhte rahiye
    Mithilak Gap ...Maithili Me
    Manpasand Gaane
    Aapke Bheje Photo

  2. Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Friends Specially the one Mr.Shrinath Vashishtha.. This is not a return favor.. this is all from the bottom of my Heart. With Love from PAKISTAN

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  4. Happy 62nd Independence Day!!! Great post very interesting. I learned a lot.

  5. * Thanks indeed, Gupta ji, for dropping by and posting your encouraging comment, here. I look forward to your continued support and participation...

    ** Thanks a ton, for your fervent wishes to me and all the Islanders on the Independence Day, dear Farrukh and Tricia! Plz do stay in touch...

    Hope, you've yourself had a memorable Independence Day there in Pakistan, Farrukh.

    *** Dear DDWWeb,
    Thanks for your kind appreciation! I've joined your wallpapers' site and I must admit you have a juicy assortment in your blog. Keep updating the same for us to keep feasting on the good content.

    - Shrinath Vashishtha.
    Port Blair.

  6. very beautiful and informative blog you have here. I really liked it. Thanks for dropping by, it led me to your blog.

  7. Thank you, Sujata, for, in fact, I reckon, it's the quality of your blogging that, sort of, hooked me on to it, which has started a promising relationship between us, if I may call it so.

  8. Hello !! I am glad to have visited your blog. this post was informative. I always like to see things from history. The photograph (though not very clear) made me happy.

  9. HI.. its gr8 2 c this blog.. i hd visitd Andamans in 1995.. still hav fond childhood memories of my 15 days stay.. Cellular jail, aberdeen bazaar, water sports complex, carbine scope, mt. harriet, red skin, ross island nd so many places i visitd.. nd jus luvd thm:)