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The Marathi-Manus quibbles about being deprived of several things - admissions to reputed colleges, job opportunities or a vacant seat in a crowded bus. But there are reasons and far neglected root causes to all of these problems he is facing since years… Our constitution gives every Indian equal right to mobilize and explore newer dimensions of life, work and opportunities. He can be the next Ambani, a CEO of a multinational organization, a space researcher or a lead vocalist of a death metal band, the world is an open space of opportunities. But that's possible only when he manifests the true meaning of 'Marathi-Manus Jaga Ho' - wake up!”


Hi, friends! This is an excerpt from a pretty thought-provoking article – Marathi Manus, Lead or Misled?, written by my good blogger friend, Neeraj Shinde in his blog - the Neeraj Norms...., that I read a couple of days ago and was overwhelmed.


The ground-breaking article has been adjudged as Blogadda’s “Spicy Saturday Picks” for the last week. Blogadda says – “This post is a must read for all of us so that none of us get into regionalism. It is important for all of us to realize that we are ‘Indians’ first and then comes our States, where we live. Neeraj has this post with a very strong and relevant message. Neeraj, it’s applaudable for someone to raise and write about it.”


And I feel compelled to share my comment that I posted on his blog about the article, with you all here as I fervently believe that the article deserves to be circulated to the maximum possible since this is a highly sensitive and significant issue of national interest and the article does optimum justice to it.



My comment: Nice expression of the status quo in Maharashtra, Neeraj!


It's not the awesome leadership of Raj Thakerey, it's the awe and hatred inspiring hooliganism of his under-developed psyche that has made what he is, out of him today.


All thanks to his diseased weaknesses, he now stands head and shoulders with the likes of the indifferent and inhuman underworld dons. If he, at all, had the true strength and integrity required for being a decent leader of the masses, things would have been different, today, and he would have won hearts all over the country.


What can an ungrateful pervert of a son do for his own mother, when he can't value his very roots and doesn't care for his grandma?


He needs to be told that we, here, in the far-flung Andaman & Nicobar Islands have named the Port Blair Airport after Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (Veer Savarkar) who was a Maharashtrian and not an Andamani. He didn't stay back in the Andamans after the Indian Independence. But, nevertheless, there's no prejudice anywhere in anybody's mind about the designation of the Airport.


"Sarva dharma sambhav" and "Vasudhaiiva Kutumbakam" are the peerless values and ideologies that have made the entire world proud of India.


I reckon the Maharashtra government needs to forcefully implement adult education in a bid to educate the pathetically ignorant so-called self-proclaimed leaders like Raj Thakerey.



Roshmi Sinha says: "When there is any act of terror or any strike on our nation by any foreign power, these same "outsiders" are the ones who defend the motherland. The so-called "sons of the soil" are found "cowering in a deeply dug rat hole" having perhaps wet themselves..."

I am referring to the proponent of the 'MM theory' and his ilk elsewhere in this country...

Bangalore too has that breed of 'worthies'. Just check how many from this part of the country join the army/navy/air force/commando teams...

Who are the ones protecting the vast coastland, our skies and our lands... from external threats...??? The vast majority of them, that is. Staying away from home and hearth for days on end If these folks/states start developing this 'MM theory' (albeit with suitable customization) what would be the scenario...??? I shudder to think.

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  1. Adult education, I fear how far the attempts to educate the adults would work. It is far easy to inculcate the good within a child's mind. It is hard to induce the same into the mind of a grownup which is filled with prejudices and ego!

    United we stand, divided we fall - that's what our teacher taught us once when in school! Hope the grownups understand the jist of it! :(

  2. You are right, Neeraj! But, I meant that as a satire for the culprit himself and not for adults in general.

    It's very hapless that the system finds it so formidable to bring these anarchic hooligans to book, even after 62 years of the nation's independence. "Andhaa kanoon!!!"

    The bottomline is that there has to be an aware nationwide consensus & intent on voting these incorrigible 'Netas' out of the polity for good and a committed lot of educated youth must come forward & play their dutiful role in the ultimate nation-building, for that to happen.

    Thanks for contributing again to this thread that you yourself have initiated in your blog, Neeraj!