Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Save Our Tigers

“Our national animal is fighting for its life.

From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India.

If we don’t act now, we could lose this part of our heritage forever.

Speak up, blog, share the concern, stay informed… Every little bit helps.

Aircel has partnered with WWF-India to help save our tigers. Explore the site to know how you can help.

Watch this space for updates from Stripey, the tiger cub…”

And I was devastated deep in my heart to the maximum, to say the least, as I watched the agonizing image of the two months old tiger cub and went through these nerve-racking lines on the page of http://saveourtigers.com

An obviously concerned & charged Basab Mukherjee, one of those humans who’ve got involved in spreading the word around, says quite pertinently:

I found a very touching picture in the cub, touching lines too. Saving tigers comes at second stage. First we should introspect how much we love all those animals that abound us. Save our Tigers” cannot just be a slogan. We must feel what we say. Pretensions won’t work. We need sufficient environment awareness to preserve the ecosystem so that humans and tigers do not confront. Also we need stringent laws, and also their enforcement. If I get the license to be a bit emotional, those people should be shot at sight who try to kill innocent animals, or tigers for that matter. No trials, no democracy. If you can look at the eyes of a three month old cub, you will find your own child of same age. Think that way. Only then can you have real power in your roar.

Another notably stirred & grief-stricken Michelle says: “My heart was in pieces after seeing the advert on television regarding the little cub. It is heartrending that humankind has managed to destroy our planet and the beautiful, majestic creatures that we have the privilege sharing this world with, to such a degree. I think it speaks volumes as to what we as a species have become. I truly hope that this campaign will touch millions of others as it touched me and that the senseless, needless killing of our big cats can be brought to an end! I hope that the roar becomes deafening!

Well… Yes!!! It may be a bit too late now, but better late than never… Time to roar and make the authorities see reason, be human and take immediate action towards saving our gorgeous national animal from extinction!

I vehemently request my fellow bloggers & readers to blog this, tweet this, share this on social networking sites and forums and contribute to the movement by getting involved for the immensely significant cause.

Come; let’s do our iota of it... NOW…!

I just did… when are you doing yours…?


  1. Thank you dear shrinath for your comment on my post. I am very happy to read yours . The things are catching on and I am sure something will work out for the beloved Tigers and their precious families. Thank you for being a sensitive citizen.
    Best wishes.

  2. Tigers are pride of our nation......... we really need to save them . It is good to see you getting involved with these things :)

  3. Well Said sir!!!....I am sure together we bloggers will make a positive contribution to save this beautiful animal.

  4. This really is a very touching post. I can feel it. Yes, its high time that we do think it about for a second...at least. Strict actions must be taken against those who are involved in poaching, hunting and killing of these beautiful creatures. Lets do our best to save this national pride.

  5. @tikulicious I've been avidly involved in social and humanitarian causes ever since we were struck by the ruthless Tsunami in these islands. Hope for the best for our Tigers. Thanks for all the support & admiration, dear Tikuli! Do stay in touch! :)

    @Shabnam Sultan Thanks, dear Shabnam! I'm sure, you're gonna blog this, soon in your blog, too. :)

    @Nitin "Yes, we can!!!" We always can, if we set out to do... Thanks, Nitin! I liked your post on the issue, too. Well-done! :)

    @ASWANI Yessss...! That's what we exactly need to do, besides staunching the Chinese attack on our tigers & securing the tiger reserves on a war-footing, dear Ashwani!

    Thank you for your support! Plz do blog about this. :)

  6. In my opinion it is not possible to save the tiger by following the traditional conservation techniques. The population has dropped below the sustainable level. India should strongly consider very detailed sequencing of the Tigers DNA and experiement with artificial insemination.


  7. Saving tigers is saving our environment as they are at the top of the food chain in our forests.But it is a complex problem with the debate now being on environment versus development.THe areas inhabited by tigers is also shared by humans who naturally come in conflict with them.The question is how bwst to resolve this conflict?

  8. Better late than ne'er...so true! After all its our National Animal that we are speaking of. Any animal for that matter on the verge extinction, need to be taken care of. Else we will have nothing show off to our posterity. We would be saying 'Our natioanl animal was tiger!'

    Hope our concerned authorities would do something more to sort out the issue...

  9. @Hari I agree with you, Hari! A detailed sequencing of the Tigers' DNA & artificial insemination techniques ought to be the course of action, now. Thanks for your welcome comments & do stay in touch! :)

    @salaamreaders I reckon, there can be no debate on environment versus development anymore with environment protection being realized all over as the top priority.

    Yes! It's an absolute must to secure the animal reserve from the burgeoning human infiltration, foreign or indigenous. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts! Cheers! :)

    @deepazartz You're so right in saying that, dear Deepa! Hope, the authorities do wake up to the emergency of a situation and act before it becomes unalterable. Thank you for your kind comments! See you back soon for more, Deepa! :)

  10. Saving tigers is very important and Mr Shrinath, its very nice to see some initiatives from you. But its really a sad matter that how much your Government is interested in saving such a beautiful but wild animal..

  11. @Fengshuimaster Thank you for your kind appreciation, dear Reetha! ;)

    I'm barely an infinitesimal contributor towards the causes and issues that need and deserve attention and care. But, of course, I'm in the process of giving a larger shape to my endeavours by floating my own NGO, soon.

    Thanks again! Cheers! :)

  12. Great Post, Sir! Sadly creating an awareness or standing up together to demand a right is more difficult than it ever was... We have forgotten to stand together, and our first instincts are always to criticize and point out minor flaws but without contributing nothing.
    And I believe, may be the Government won't be doing anything.. But we have to not ask them, but demand from them. As our right.

  13. @Guria I agree with you, outright! Thanks a lot, dear Guria, for your kind thoughts. See you back for more, often, here. Cheers & all the very best! :)

  14. Your opinion in the post is really touching and commendable.........I completely agree that first we must learn to love them as our own childrens and then the Slogans,Awareness and initiatives become worthy...


  15. @indianinabox Thanks very much for dropping by and appreciating, dear Lipsy! Your visit here prompted me to see your deliciously appetizing blog - "Indian Food Made Easy". Do stay in touch and keep us posted, too. Cheers! :-)

  16. Hi. Very effective post. I too have added my 2 paise by posting a video on the topic on Indiblogger. This week happens to be Wildlife week too. Keep up the good work!

  17. Encroachment in Sariska that has been re-started,which was reported by TOI.
    I hope we do something about it, do let me know as what can be done to stop this.

  18. @Avalok
    That's great indeed, dear Avalok! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and more importantly, contributing to the campaign in a potent manner. Cheers & God bless! :-)

    Yet another sad development heard of from you... You just did the best we all can do to get the authorities going girding up their loins, by participating in creating the much-needed awareness.

    Additionally, forming nature clubs locally and keeping an alert eye on the Tigers and their safety and informing the authorities on the nail, would be even more appreciable. Thanks!

  19. The Recent survey shows that tiger numbers have actually gone up.Though It is good news, guess the job has barely begun. Glad that the writing community s taking this task forward.Hope the right people are impacted

  20. There is need to make villagers more aware about the animal and its safety because many times they are killed for nothing by them if enters their village or field!

  21. So very true! Billy Arjan Singh, the conservator said: “The eyes of the tiger are the brightest of any animal in the world. At dusk, or in the beam of a torch, they blaze back the ambient light with awe-inspiring intensity. It would be a tragedy and dereliction of duty if we allowed that magical light to burn out.”

    If only we'd remember...

  22. I'm sharing this on facebook!!! Roaring applause to you to have taken up the issue!!

  23. I do support "Save Tigers" in my own way. Please see my post: "SAVE OUR TIGERS Campaign Corrected" Link < http://remidesouza.blogspot.in/2010/09/save-our-tigers-campaign-corrected.html >

  24. As matter of fact, there is no Tiger and Human conflict. The real cause of conflict is Power and Profit, thereby, Money, Machine and Market held by a few Globally. This culprit is cause for deforestation, mining, hill stations... Who could control them??? Let us not take whole Humanity for a ride.

    I cite an example here:
    We remember Dr. Salim Ali with reverence. He approached, in timely move, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, then PM, to Save Silent Valley. And only she could do it.

    If you access (Google) search engine, type 'Save Our Tiger Campaign Corrected', you may find my post and Poster that goes to the end of (my) logic. Hundreds have accessed it so far: But fails to bring action; yet I nurse my ego.

    I share my link < http://remidesouza.blogspot.in/2010/09/save-our-tigers-campaign-corrected.html >

  25. It so happens that Kerala have been able to protect the tigers. Their numbers have apparently increased, leading to threats to people living on the periphery of forests. Kerala Forest Department the other day shot dead a tiger, which was lifting animals, under pressure from the local people.