Wednesday, July 21, 2010



What is India?


A nation where pizza reaches home faster than ambulance and police...




Where you get car loan @5% but education loan @12%...




Where rice is Rs. 40 but Sim card is free...




Where people standing at tea stalls, reading articles about child labour in newspapers, condemn vociferously and say, "Yaar! Bachchon se kaam karwaane waalon ko to faansi per chadha dena chahiye" and then they shout, "Oye, Chhotu! Do chaai la..!"




This is our India!

Incredible India!!!


As I always say, if we don’t see even a glimpse of the great India that was in the India that we see today, it clearly means that we are not working up to our actually enviable potential; and that if we do, we could once again be an ever shining and inspiring country setting a bright path for the rest of the world to follow.


Dear friends, if you agree with what I’ve said, please help spread this message across to our Indian brethren and make them realize their mistakes and vow to work towards building the India of our dreams




  1. Harsh Facts and Thought provoking realities.

  2. Really very thought provoking. This is the India we live in. You have exposed grim realities. I am speechless but yes, I am with you. I will spread this and let more and more people know about it so that we all are united to bring a change...a positive change that will lead our country to the top. Jai Hind !!

  3. @KS Anand I hope a few others would realize the same and act towards bringing about betterment in the system. Thanks!

    @ASWANI That's exactly what we need, dear Ashwani! Realization of the realities and getting our acts together unitedly and determinedly towards the much-needed rebuilding of the great nation of ours. Thanks and I'm sure you would help a good deal in voicing the issue.

  4. No villages have pure drinking water but shops there are selling Coca Cola........and we claim India is "Shining"!

  5. very true ,,, its always been an eternal struggle between the India that is waking up, to the India that is still sleeping !

  6. @Shri Ram Ayyangar Well-said, Mr. Ayyangar! That's the aching and ironical reality in India of today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @Melvin Pereira Can't agree more... Thanks, Melvin!

    @Nona Yeah! True!

    @A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! Thank you! I loved your username - "A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart!". See you back here soon for more. Cheers! :-)

  7. Very profound! we have all been witness to this and I think it is each one of our right as well as our responsibility to make our country better!

  8. is that true that the pizza reaches home faster than those ambulance and even the police?
    shocking, they must be overworked, maybe...i like those messages bro' and the pictures too

  9. @Ashes_of_roses Very well-said! Thanks!

    @theBluesman Oh! These are the harsh practicalities of day-to-day life in most of the developing countries, bro! And India is no exception to those... Thanks for the kind eulogy! :-)

  10. Yes i agree with some stark realities that you have pointed out but still we have hope since we find free midday meals schemes provided by state as well as ISKCON, Free heart treatment by Sai baba, Free medical aid by AP govt to BPL families etc.....things will change...hum honge kamyab ek din

  11. No this is not India. It is BHARAT. We are a land of contradictions. Land where dharvi and Antilla co-exisr Well written