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Sea Plane Starts October 1



These historic coral islands are poised to be connected by a faster and innovative mode of transport in the form of amphibian aircraft connectivity, popularly known as ‘Sea Plane’, as the Central Planning Commission has cleared its operation here from October 1, 2010 i.e. barely a month from today.


Instead of procurement of helicopters, the Planning Commission has given its nod for Sea Plane operation as Pilot Project on 50:50 partnership basis, the Director (Tourism), Andaman & Nicobar Administration, Shri Binay Bhushan informed at Port Blair a couple of days ago.


According to him, the A & N Administration has signed a MoU with Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd., which will run the Pilot Project initially; as I had written in a post of mine about a month ago. As per the MoU, PHHL will operate Sea Plane from October 1, 2010, for island hopping by tourists in the breathtaking archipelago. The A & N Administration has provided an amount of Rs 146.40 Lakhs as advance to effect the operation, Binay Buhushan told the media.



Meanwhile, as per The Daily Telegrams, tenders for inducting sea planes on wet lease bases were invited and the successful bidder M/s Maritime Energy Heli Air Service Pvt. Ltd. will source the aircraft. The PHHL is currently operating chopper services connecting all the major islands in the archipelago.


To start with, Seaplanes will be available in the range of eight to 18 seaters. Operating the seaplane will cost about Rs 1 crore a month, including lease rental and operational expenses, that will be equally shared by the two government agencies.



This promising project, when materializes, is certainly to be greeted with warmth by the islanders and the tourists alike and the proposed operation of Sea Plane here also augurs well for the ensuing tourism and festive season.


As I had written earlier too, the Andaman & Nicobar Administration has chosen some of the most beautiful islands for being linked by the seaplane with the capital Port Blair. These include the happening Havelock Island (rated among the best beaches globally), Barren Island (an active volcano that most recently came to life five years ago), Neil Island and Diglipur (North Andaman).



All this would mean that there’s going to be an alluring bonus for the tourists visiting the tropical paradise of Andaman & Nicobar, henceforth and that’s the enchanting, spanking new Seaplane service for matchless island hopping, which is going to be India’s very first Sea Plane service.


The bottom-line – ‘Air Andaman’ is gonna be livelier, come October 1st… Hurray…!!! :-)


  1. hurray indeed!
    hope air andaman has a smooth takeoff!

  2. Hi Shrinath,

    I want to visit the islands. Can you please provide me some info about the accommodation and other facilities?


  3. That a very good piece of news? How did you manage the pictures before its launch? Beautiful pictures!

  4. this is really cool

  5. Such a beautiful and picturesque place that I feel like coming at once. Don't be surprised if I land one day and meet you. Excellent post.

  6. Andaman! Rocks .. The waters there are so clean .. It shouldnt belong to India :)

  7. wow!Andaman is really going high tech.

  8. @magiceye Yeah! Touch-wood! Thank you so much, dear Mr. Amembal! :-)

    @Puyipukal! Sure! Welcome to the emerald paradise, dear Anees! I shall mail you the details in a short while... Thanks! :-)

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    @Shri Ram Ayyangar Well... Hope so... keeping my fingers crossed... Thank you, dear Mr. Ayyangar! :-)

  9. This is great. Until now I saw such planes only in movies. I have always wanted to visit the A&N, and after reading this post I am now seriously thinking planning my trip ASAP.

  10. @Gautam That's great, dear Gautam! Do let me know, once you've planned, if I may be of any help... Cheers! :-)

  11. It makes one wish for a trip to the emerald isles! Alas, it has to wait for the present. Your posts are great and I have been visiting your blog, but not posted any comments so far!

    Thanks for regularly promoting my posts and being on my network too. Please visit my blog and leave your comments too! I would love that!

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  13. It 's really a pleasant news for outdoor persons.

  14. this is brilliant news... I wish someday i could plan a vacation out there... had a look at for vacations however not really pleased with the packages.

    its one of the places i most wish to be at in India

    @Anoop you nut cracker, never will you comment without a few pints is it?

  15. @Arpana Thanks!

    @Hemal Shah Great to learn about your plans, dear Hemal! I would anytime suggest you get in touch with Kalash Tours & Travels at for packages much better than etc. as they are the local tour organizers and are best equipped in terms of customized tours at reasonable rates.

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  17. Beautiful pictures, beautiful place!
    Thanks for sharing the news and the snaps!

    Came thru Indiblogger.

  18. it is nice island can u put some more information on it but i must say u did lot of work to get the information

  19. @Jean Thanks, dear Jeena, for dropping by and appreciating! Indiblogger rocks! Cheers! :-)

    @qamar Thanks & I shall continue to add more and more information up here. Continue to keep an eye for the upcoming posts. Cheers! :-)

  20. With reference to your article on Sea Plane in Andamans, it is submitted that that the present Sea Plane cannot be called first in any count.

    As far as A&N Administration is concerned the first seaplane service was launched sometime during 1995. Unfortunately the Seaplane during its return journey from Little Andaman plunged in the sea near Dundaspoint-Kumrakheti area while landing in the sea on 06/09/1995. The misadventure cost life of one of its occupants a Senior Officer of SAI. The recovered and re-constructed Seaplane (Cessna Caravan) now stands displayed in the Science Centre at Goodwill Estate at Port Blair (see attached photo).

    Further Seaplane service was in operation in A&N Islands prior to independence also. Hence the present Seaplane is in fact third for Andamans, can be called Second after Independence , but in no count be called First.

    How do you defend the present seaplane as first.