Sunday, September 2, 2012



“I came, I saw and I was enchanted…!”

Smith Island, near Diglipur, North Andaman

“I came, I saw and I was enchanted…!” Almost every tourist who lands on the Floating Paradise on Earth in the Bay of Bengal, the serene Andaman & Nicobar Islands, invariably exclaims in delightful wonderment, on the lines of renowned novelist, Daniel Defoe’s iconic “Robinson Crusoe”. Such endearing is the tranquil and exotic beauty of these historic Indian coral islands that have been the mute witnesses of the great Indian struggle for independence.

Apart from the bountiful richness of natural beauty and freshness enveloping the entire archipelago in the form of turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea, the distinctive vegetation, fascinatingly hilly terrain housing the rich expanse of tropical rain forests and some of the world’s rarest and the oldest aboriginal tribes, the glorious history of the territory’s pivotal role in the great Indian struggle for Independence as a gargantuan penitentiary for the intrepid freedom fighters of Mother India, is the USP of these islands.

Evidently, Tourism has always been and continues to be the prime industry in the islands, although, still, in a budding stage. It is something that not only the islands but the entire nation can vastly benefit from, in the future too, as one of the most sought-after tourism destinations across the globe. The diverse and endemic flora and fauna of these islands add another inimitably charming dimension to the tourism prospects in the territory.

Middle Strait Jetty, South Andaman

However, if the immense tourism potential of these islands has to be tapped to the T, the local administration in absolute synchronization with the central govt., has to make lasting, concerted endevours towards making the optimum use of the resources that the archipelago generously offers. And for that to transpire, the various govt. agencies have to overcome the long-standing paucity of intent towards achieving the ambitious aim of making it a celebrated tourism destination in the world.

Meticulous planning and its dedicated implementation to develop multifarious beaches and islands in the territory other than Havelock and a couple more, exploring the splendid water sports potential and combining advanced technology with the natural resources is the leading requisite for the same. Implementation of strategy by way of public and private sector participation in a bid to bring about standard professionalism in the nascent hospitality industry, which is an elementary requirement for developing the tourism industry in the islands, can work wonders towards tapping its tourism potential.

North Bay 

In a nutshell, a sincere, eco-friendly, well- devised and well-implemented stratagem is sure to help evolve these phenomenal islands as a leading tourism destination across the globe sooner than expected and the territory can proudly revive and bask in the glorious days of the “Paris of the East”.


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