Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YouTube - Endangered Jarawa - India


YouTube - Endangered Jarawa - India: "I met the Jarawa years ago, the truth is the Indian government have been extracting ornamental wood from the Jarawa hunting grounds for years, destroying the natural hunting grounds of the Jarawa, the prey they hunt is being wiped out leaving them no choice but to come into contact with the settlers / forest thugs,
to try and protect there land, what a hypocrisy it makes me sick!! the very people trying to protect the Jarawa are in fact destroying them"...

Well, friends! Go through a couple of articles that I've written in this blog about these enchanting tribe for a better insight into their world in the woods of Middle Strait, Tirur & Kadamtala in the Middle Andaman region of these uniquely placed Islands of Andaman & Nicobar. For, now, what I can say is that the JARAWAS are one of the rarest available jewels of the Andaman Islands...And, hence, they direly need to be protected and nurtured in the very interest of humanity and, of course, the highly significant endeavours of anthropology.

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