Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lazy Faced Andaman & Nicobar Administration


Dear friends! I've just come across a highly thought-provoking piece written by Ms. Tanaz K Noble, one of my fellow residents of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands in Yahoo Groups and I could'nt abstain from sharing the beautifully articulated piece with you all, here. So, read on and post your comments below...

andamanicobar : Message: Lazy faced Andamans: "What are we doing?
The following is an article published in Kashmir. Kashmir is talking
about watersports, promoting it, making Kashmir a destination for
national and international level watersports...

India's top kayakers in Both the male and female divisions are from
the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, but i don't hear any Chief
Secretaries or ministers talking about promoting Andamans for
Watersports. We have probably India's best waterbodies for race
conditions, but Kashmir is doing a better job. We are not war-torn or
insurgency-riddled, we're just blind. We don't know what we have here
do we? There is sea-kayaking, ocean kayaking, flatwater kayaking
canoeing, rowing, hobbie-sailing, wind-sailing, parasailing etc that
we are capable of. Foreigners come halfway or more across the world
with their surfboards and equipment to enjoy our waters but our
government is not interested in promoting it.

Every tribe of these islands have their own forms of canoes and styles
which would be so beautifully unique and interesting for anyone and
everyone, if only promoted.

I'm very proud of what Kashmir is doing but this is definitely a solid
slap across Andamans' lazy face.


[Aquatic sports: Omar calls for tapping, grooming raw talent in J & K. Asks associations to formulate plans for kayaking, canoeing tourneys. News Agency of Kashmir 6/19/2009 9:51:55 PMSRINAGAR, JUNE 19(NAK): Outlining the vast potential of J & K in aquatic sports, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has called for tapping raw talent of our youth and properly grooming it so that we produce sportspersons of national and international standard.

He said, "nature has bestowed us with great water-bodies, which are ideal for hosting water sports on a bigger scale.The Chief Minister said this while chairing a meeting held today to discuss various issues pertaining to development of water-sports in the State. Minister for Rural Development and Panchayats, Ali Mohammad Sagar, President, Kayaking and Canoeing Association, Dr. Mustafa Kamal,Legislators, Ch. Mohammad Ramzan, Abdul Gani Vakil, Mubarak Gul, Saifullah Mir, Nazir Ahmad Gurezi and Nasir Sogami, representing various water-sports associations of J & K and President, Hockey India, Treasurer, IOA and Organizing Committee, Commonwealth Games, NewDelhi, 2010, Ashok Mattoo participated in the meeting.

Promising full support to water-sports bodies in nurturing talent inaquatic sports, Abdullah said, "avenues have to be created to maximize potential for which a coordinated effort is required." He said, "besides conventional sports like hockey and soccer, State must focus on promoting adventure and water-sports in a big way." The Chief Minister said, "kayaking, canoeing, water-rafting, water-skiing and dragon-boat racing can easily be held in Dal and other lakes of the State." He asked the associations to formulate plans in this regard. Later, Dr. Kamal gave a resume of water-sports activities that have been held in Jammu & Kashmir since 1986. He said, "the Kayaking and Canoeing Association intends to hold dragon-boat race and water-skiing championships in near future." The meeting also discussed issues related to infrastructure facilities for aquatic sports and hosting of tourneys. President, Hockey India, apprised the Committee of the schemes under which sports associations can seek Central assistance for promotion of water sports in the State.]

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