Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wild Orchid Hosts at Havelock Island - A Gorgeous Resort in Andamans


Hi, Friends!
"Your hosts, Benny & Lynda, are eager to show you the Andaman & Nicobar Islands they have made their home. With a combined ten years in the service industry and a deep love of the Andamans, their passion is to share this ocean wonderland with others.
'We love meeting people,' says Lynda. 'There's a common thread of a love of nature, and that's how we connect with our guests.'
Whether it's cooking up a fresh catch from the sea, planning day trips to the other islands, or simply arranging a motor scooter for jaunts around Havelock, Benny and Lynda are prepared to lead you into the adventure that is the Andamans.
'My philosophy,' says Benny 'is everybody who comes here comes as a stranger and leaves as a friend. We hope you will take back many memories, leaving only footprints in the sand.'

-Bill Elder, a Wild Orchid guest from USA, October 2002"


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